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From an early age I translated my surroundings into a collection of images that existed only in my mind. Eventually I began to use a camera to translate and share these images with others. I have a background in mechanical design, engineering and machining coupled with a fascination for all man made structures. These elements form a union with my artistic vision and ultimately culminate in my photography.

My work is fueled by an insatiable desire to explore our manufactured environment. I challenge myself to look upon the world in different ways. Throughout this eternal voyage across the visual landscape I capture images from a unique vantage point that document my experiences. I am perpetually drawn toward places that are isolated and often forgotten by time and society. Photography enables me to preserve and examine these scenes that constantly occur around us and often go unnoticed. In our fast paced world that shows no signs of stagnation, this is my method of suspending time and stepping away for a closer look.

Brad Pogatetz

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